What Do Automobile Tires Have To Do With Slowing Down My Online Business Progress For Almost A Year?

Well Tires Can Really Be A Pain When On Your Property Rather Than Your Automobile.

On April 4, 2018 I was contacted by an Investigator with the Tennessee Department of Environment & Conservation. The Investigator ask me if I was the owner of a particular property located in my hometown.

After he gave me the address I stated; Yes I am the owner of the property. I informed the investigator that this was a rental property that I own. The investigator informed me that there was a problem with my property and asked if I could meet with him at the property.

Well I arrived at the property and I first glimpse I seen a few tires where the investigator was standing. However, as I continued walking down the dirt road to the to meet with him things became more obvious

There were was what appeared to be several thousand tires someone had illegally dumped on my property. I was asked by the investigator if I knew who had dumped these tires. I told the investigator I was not aware of the tires being dumped and honestly could not say who actually dumped them.

Well it was at that time I was informed by the investigator that Tennessee State Law states that property owners are responsible for maintaining their properties and tires are considered an environmental hazard and that I must have them cleaned up.

Well, after several phones calls to state officials, letter and such I was told that it was my responsibility. I hired a company to remove the tires. After 3 days, over 10,000 tires removed at approximately $15,000 I had to cut the crew off as I had completely wiped out my emergency fund.

Well long story short, I have for the most part completed the remainder of the tire removal a with the help of my son and grandson. We were only allowed to dispose of 20 tires a week the local dump and had to pay a disposal fee of $1.00 per tire. This project ended up costing me a little more $25,000 and loss of about 12-months of time but it’s done.

If it wasn’t for the help of others and money I had made with my part-time internet business I may have been in serious trouble. This is behind me now, and I must apologize to Kortney as she had just started working with me when all this happened but we’re here and we are going to make 2019 a wonderful year and hope you will join us in our journey.

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  • Dean Holland

    Reply Reply March 6, 2019

    Oh wow. This is so sad that it happened to you but I for one am glad to see you managed to fight back.

    I can’t believe how many tires there was!


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